SSCA Smartphone Apps for Agriculture

1- SSCA Fertilizer Blend Calculator: This calculator requires a user to enter the desired N-P-K-S fertility for a field, and select from available fertilizer products. The app calculates the blend requirements (tonnes of each product), the rate of application, the resulting N-P-K-S fertility, and the cost. For liquid, the app allows blend calculation by the truckload batch based on tank capacity and volume remaining at fill-up. The user can enter soil test information and target recommendations to obtain the necessary fertilizer additions.

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2- SSCA Harvest Loss Calculator: The first step in minimizing harvest losses is to quantify them. This tool allows the user to enter the amount of seed in a sampling area of known size, either in weight, volume, or kernel number. The cutting width and sieve width are entered to determine the concentration factor. The app uses bushel or seed weight to calculate losses. These can be expressed in total loss (lbs/acre or bu/acre), as a percentage of yield, or as a cost.

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3- SSCA Tank Mix Calculator: This tool is intended as a guide to a spray operation. The user enters the application volume, the pesticide and adjuvant product rates, and the tank capacity to estimate the amount of water and product required. The amount remaining in the tank at fill-up can be entered to calculate the net amount of pesticide and water to put in tank. Optional entries allow for further calculations. Supports all common imperial, US, and blended measurements units including L/acre and acres/case.

Tank Mix


4- SSCA Buffer Zone Calculator: Canadian pesticide labels may contain buffer zones (no-spray areas) downwind of an application. These buffer zones can be reduced if the applicator can show that application conditions are conducive to less risk than assumed on the label. This app conducts the required calculations for ground, aerial applications, orchard as well as chemigation application to determine modified buffer zones.

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5- SSCA Crop Yield Estimator: Many important farm management decisions occur in the month before harvest, such as split N application, fungicide, desiccation, and storage preparation. The yield estimator allows producers or agronomists to enter plant density, head or pod density, seeds per head or pod, estimated seed weight to estimate yield. Total harvested grain amounts, gross revenue, and other parameters are calculated.

Yield Estimator


6- SSCA Spray Quality Finder: This app either identifies the nozzle and its spray quality installed on a sprayer, or suggests a nozzle purchase based on spray quality, manufacturer, flow rate, fan angle, and nozzle type requirements entered by the user. The app produces a list of nozzle candidates, and for each candidate, shows a table identifying the nozzle manufacturer, nozzle type, and model, with recommended pressures and corresponding spray qualities. The database contains all nozzle products for which spray quality information exists from TeeJet, Hypro, Greenleaf, Hardi, Wilger, Lechler, and Albuz.

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7- SSCA Flag This! This app works with Google Maps, allowing users to gps flag a location that requires action (scouting for plant symptoms, draining standing water, etc.). After taking a picture or recording instructions, the entry can be shared via e-mail. The recipient receives directions to the site via Google Maps, along with the image and the recording.

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